Warranty Service Information & Repair



We appreciate your purchase of Claudia Lobão products. We offer a limited 12 month warranty on our regularly priced jewelry items against defects in manufacturing. 

There are no warranties for any product that has been sold on sale. Items sold on sale are sold "As Is". There are no Returns, Exchanges or Credit on "As Is" product. The products were significantly discounted from original retail pricing. 


We will repair items or replace them with the same item. In the event that the item cannot be repaired the item will be replaced. 

There will be no charge to repair an item that has been returned to us within 12 months of purchase from shopclaudialobao.com . If you purchased your item at a Claudia Lobao authorized retailer please return it to them. 

Items requiring repair due to misuse are not covered under our warranty. 

To return an item for Repair please login to your account and request an RA. You can also send us an email to support@claudialobao.com. Include your order number, contact information and item to be repaired. 

Out of Warranty items for items purchased more than 12 months ago, will be charged at a starting rate of $26.95 for the repair and additionally shipping charges. Should the cost of the repair be more than $26.95 we will inform you by email with quotation for repair. 

A quotation for out of warranty items can only be estimated when we have inspected the item.

All repairs are subject to shipping charges.



Regarding Tarnishing of Plated Jewelry

Claudia Lobão offers no warranty against discoloration or tarnishing of plated jewelry. Be advised that any plated jewelry will eventually tarnish or discolor.  See Jewelry Care on how best to protect your plated jewelry. 

Damage to jewelry and plating can occur with harsh lighting, exposure to chemical agents, cosmetics & perfumes, moisture and natural elements such as dirt or sand. Please take care to protect your valuable pieces from the elements as you would most jewelry. Basic care can ensure years of satisfies enjoyment of your Claudia Lobao items.

Claudia Lobao Designs may refuse warranty on pieces that have handled in a manner that damages or inflicts premature wear and tear on a particular piece.  Damage may be caused by exposure to chemical agents, moisture, natural elements, cosmetics & perfumes, stressful activity. We do warrant that the pieces purchased by you are free from manufactures defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase. 

In the event that an item is no longer sold by Claudia Lobao, we will offer a selection of items at comparable values as a substitute. Items periodically are removed from the collection. Collections typically last up to one year. 


Items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings that have gemstones, typically do not break of their own accord. Broken stones occur when items are dropped or impacted on another hard surface. Claudia Lobao does not warrant stones that are chipped due to negligence. If an item is defective do to our manufacturing, we will replace the stone if available. In the event that a particular stone, color, shape or design is not available we will offer replacements at equal value to the consumer.  

Wooden Rings 

Caring for Wooden Rings

Wooden rings require some level of care that should be adhered to in order to ensure a sustained durability. The wooden rings need to be oiled or waxed periodically (just as you would wooden furniture). You may apply mineral oil, or wood wax and wipe with a cloth. 

Do not use lacquers or cleaning products that are non-food safe. As mentioned above, Mineral Oil is an excellent choice to maintain the integrity of the wooden ring. Wooden rings should be kept away from moisture and should not be soaked in water. 

Rings that show apparent water damage will void any warranty. Wooden rings may crack or become damaged if the ring is abused, exposed to moisture or chemical agents. 

Wooden rings are not metal and cannot withstand the same amount of abuse and stress as a metal ring might. Common scene should guide you as to what and what not to do with a wooden ring.

Clear and evident abuse may void the warranty.



Occasionally we receive requests for one earring which was lost..  Claudia Lobao only make earrings in pairs, (much like a shoe manufacturer) and they are sold in pairs. Although we will make every attempt to find a single earring for replacement, the chances are that we only have them as a set.